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No matter what social media platform you use, there are some basic no-noes. Like an esoteric bible for what NOT to do on social media. Here are some social media fails you should already have known to stay clear of:

  1. Recycle Carefully! – Using the same content on a Facebook page is not unheard of. Sometimes, you just got to drive your point home (and a link to your website is good for your SEO). But beware that you don’t just repost. Write a new blurb to make your post timelier. I’ve seen people’s posts that say “Happy Monday” on a Thursday. Facepalm.
  2. Vet your Hashtag – Hashtagging is important (in moderation) because it helps you reach more people. But before you use a hashtag, do some research. Make sure that the hashtag you intend on using isn’t associated with something potentially embarrassing for your business. It is usually the epic Twitter fails that go viral.
  3. Trim the Vlog! – We all know that video is huge right now. No surprise there. But if you’re uploading a video of yourself from your smartphone, make sure you take out those awkward last two seconds where you reach to stop recording. No matter how good your content is, those last few seconds will leave an uncomfortable feeling with your viewers (Bonus tip: trim the first few seconds in the beginning if you used them to compose yourself).

I know these seem like pretty obvious tips, but like your brand, these tips should be “Top-of-Mind” for you. Good luck!

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