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Control your website payment experience, while reducing compliance requirements.

The gateways we recommend delivers complete control of the end-to-end payment experience on your website for a seamless checkout experience while helping to reduce your PCI DSS compliance.

Accepting payments has never been easier, with a choice of integration methods that each deliver a seamless, customizable payment experience to help maximize conversion, across any device – desk, tablet or mobile. With helpful Prompts on the payment page, such as automatic card type identification and real-time form validation, customers flow easily through the buying process.

We take care of your online payments completely within our PCI DSS compliant environment, so you don’t need to handle, transmit or store sensitive card details, helping to minimize your PCI DSS requirements and spend.

Integrate easily with three hosted checkout options: you can embed the hosted payments page in an iFrame within your website, overlay a lightbox, or redirect your customers to a dedicated payment page.

Choose how you would like to integrate the e-Commerce platform to your online business.

  • iFrame – Our secure hosted payment page is displayed within an iFrame on your own website and you don’t need to handle or transmit sensitive card data.
  • Lightbox – when the customer hits “Pay”; our secure hosted payments page appears within a lightbox on your webpage and you don’t need to handle or transmit sensitive card data.
  • Redirection – When your customer hits “Pay”; they are redirected to a secure payment page, hosted by the platform and the acquirer. You do not need to handle or transmit sensitive card data. Customization with your own branding allows for a seamless checkout process.

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