UnionPay Card Acceptance

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Open up a world of new revenue opportunities with UnionPay.

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You can expand your payment card acceptance capabilities to include UnionPay, the only national bankcard network in China. By accepting UnionPay, you can benefit from the rising spending trends of mainland Chinese visitors.

UnionPay has more than 250 Chinese domestic and international bank members and 3.65 billion UnionPay cards issued by member banks worldwide. As one of the largest bank card networks in the world, UnionPay has extended its reach into many other regions, including North America, Europe and Asia. Today, UnionPay can be accepted in over 142+ countries and regions outside of China, and the UnionPay card has become the leading card brand that Chinese domestic cardholders choose to use abroad.

Business is more competitive than ever. With over 500,000 UnionPay cardholders from China visiting Canada annually, achieving a unique competitive advantage is the key to gaining more customers and improving profitability. As the first partner of UnionPay in the Canadian market, we can provide you with the competitive advantage of UnionPay card acceptance on a wide range of devices, including VeriFone, Ingenico and Pas standalone point-of-sales terminals. These solutions offer you an affordable way to access the UnionPay network, while opening a world of revenue opportunities.

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