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Hair loss due to medical treatments and conditions can be a very painful experience. Devwigs helps their clients restore their beauty and inner confidence during this trying time. Their wig solutions are always perfectly customized for your style and desired look.

Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

Devwigs needed to upscale their website functionality and aesthetics. They have a working business card website but they wanted to go the extra mile and integrate an ecommerce functionality and also elevate the brand to a more luxurious look and feel.


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Financial services

Solutions proposed

Talkerstein Consulting elevated the current Devwigs branding by introducing a brand refresh kit. Which contains new guidelines on how to manage the brand and how to make the collaterals visually consistent.

Apart from this, Talkerstein Consulting integrated Woocommerce sections to power up the eCommerce function of the new site. Allowing visitors to place their orders with ease and security.

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Special features of work provided

Talkerstein Consulting is responsible for freshening up the company’s branding. Designed only a few years earlier, the team didn’t feel that the existing brand accurately reflected the product, and had already begun to look a bit dated.

As we got started on brand analysis, we knew right away that in order to get a better feel for the project we needed to see Devwigs in action. After seeing that Devorah, the owner, took extra care and attention to each of her products, the team wanted to reflect this brand value onto the new revamp, which has elegance at every corner of the box.

Bringing it all together

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