Fresh Market Restaurants

Fresh market restaurants is a European style dining experience which caters to the community of Ontario. Talkerstein consulting developed the brand further to link online ordering function and corporate information into a well-rounded customer experience.
Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

Online food orders is a significant cash flow for a restaurant. Statistically, Canada has 20% of people ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Especially since the pandemic, food businesses have always catered to this customer group. Aside from third party delivery applications, an in-house platform that links customers to businesses is pivotal to improve the client experience.


Client Name
Fresh Market Restaurants
Financial services

Mise en place

A restaurant website is an intricate web of information that needs to be authentic and reflective of the actual dining experience in-person.

In order to translate this, the team had been immersed in the actual operations of the restaurant. They had studied the fast-paced industry first hand and had interviewed customers and restauranteurs alike.

Identified problems is that the current website misses opportunities to bridge customers on online ordering functions. Along with the major overhaul, corporate affairs, franchising, and catering functions are also missing on the website to aid company credibility.

The Glaze

The current implementation of the website had garnered an average of ___ orders per day. It contributes to ___% of total orders and translates to significant income generation and traffic.
Online traffic also increased and online awareness of customers. Not to mention the increased satisfaction and legitimacy that a website contributes to an establishment.
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Brand Name
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Brand Name
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Brand Name
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Brand Name
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Freshness ensured

Talkerstein consulting have provided Fresh Market Restaurants an entire suite of advertising support. Advancing the brand to the market and making it a staple on it’s frequent patrons. Be it print signages, corporate apparels, and digital assets, the partnership had bore fruit stemming from the company’s website.

The current branding is carried over throughout the narrative, and improved using illustrations, image development, copywriting, and eCommerce support.

employee in front of the fruits they are selling

“[You have] an amazing team at Loomo! Thanks so much for bending over backward for us.”

John Pals / VP, Marketing & Innovation

Chef smiling
sample of the website with fruits on background
mobile, desktop and tablet platforms

A Tasty Garnish

For more than a year, Talkerstein Consulting has been a key brand, marketing, and web development partner for all of Fresh Market Restaurants. With a large following in Ontario, you can imagine that the daily marketing and creative needs can pile up quick. Along the way, we have been proud to be there for some of Fresh Market’s most exciting transitions, and look forward to more right around the corner!
PS – If you want to take a swing by and see some of our handiwork. The fine folks at Fresh Market Restaurants in Ontario are always ready to brew up a plate of salad, or pasta if that is your thing!
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