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GTA Custom Blinds

The team was involved in providing a website showcase for blinds that feature a light-filtering design that adds a touch of dimension and softness to any room. Suitable for larger windows and patio doors, galaxy blinds offer a modern alternative to traditional drapery, combining the aesthetic appeal of curtains with the functionality of contemporary vertical blinds.

Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

Founded in 2010, GTA Custom Blinds prides itself in delivering high quality, functional and affordable window decor within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With over 15 years of experience, our professional team have the industry knowledge to tailor specific solutions for your needs. Talkerstein consulting was tasked primarily to showcase their products and improve client experience in browsing their products.


Client Name
GTA Custom Blinds
Financial services

Challenges encountered

With the prevalence of blinds businesses in the area, Talkerstein consulting needed to make sure to present GTA custom blinds with their best foot forward. They needed to differentiate the business to other competitors and to place the website upfront to an inquiring client.

Having a more intricate imagery base, a website that serves multiple products needed to have a branding style that is not distracting to to the main highlight which are the products themselves.

Solutions proposed

Talkerstein consulting deemed that the most logical design style to use is a dark minimal motif throughout the site. This allowed them to highlight the selling points of the business which are their affordability, warranty support, and product quality.

Having a clean read highlights the light quality of window and blinds imageries. A dark theme also ensures readability and eye comfort towards visitors to focus on the product showcases instead of the other parts of the website.

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Special features of work provided

Talkerstein consulting transformed the brand’s online presence to have a consistent direction. They made sure that there will be no visual disconnect from social media to advertisements to the website itself.

Talkerstein consulting was also tasked to postprocessing the images provided for the product so that it is on top quality once displayed to the site and platforms.

“[You have] an amazing team at Loomo! Thanks so much for bending over backward for us.”

John Pals / VP, Marketing & Innovation
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Bringing it all together

Elegance is an important element in the purchasing flow of a customer. Talkerstein consulting benchmarked on this idea to elevate the brand and provide an effective, and good looking brand website for the client.

Curious to how to make your brand’s online presence more elegant and sophisticated? Contact us to learn more and we are more than willing to share a few tips.

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