JRCC is here to build community functions, including programming for all ages and groups, Jewish education for children, teenagers, young adults, and adults alike, as well as synagogue services.

Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

JRCC needed to revamp their current website in order to adapt to the rapidly changing trends today and to better organize their growing organization.


Client Name
Financial services

Challenges encountered

Organizing multiple blocks of information starts with having a personal outlining format to the set of information first before distributing it to the corresponding categories.

Talkerstein consulting made sure to have proper allocations for all categories that the website accommodates, this included holidays, programs, events, and information links.

Special features of work provided

The rebrand of JRCC is anchored on the orange usage. As the hue is warm to the eyes, the organization is also warm towards its visitors. The website is aimed towards making it a friendly and accessible online platform for visitors. The sidebar allowed navigation to be readily available at any section of the site.

Bringing it all together

Allowing your website to expand will require thorough organization and development. JRCC allowed Talkerstein Consulting to aid them in making their online presence have a sense of organization and professionalism.

Revamping a website is an integral part of business and organizational development. Let us help you reach the next step on your expansion.

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