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Ofek’s Judaica

Give gifts, set your table and celebrate with Ofek’s Judaica. Ofek Lalkin approached Talkerstein Consulting to have his shop ready for the Judaica market.

Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

Ofek’s Judaica is an online store dedicated to selling quality Judaica to Toronto and nearby cities. It is founded by Ofek Lalkin, a sole proprietor dedicated to letting users discover new and elegant products which are not readily available on the locality.


Client Name
Ofek’s Judaica
Financial services

Challenges encountered

Selling to a religious market is a challenge to have. Luckily, Ofek collaborated with Talkerstein Consulting who are equally passionate about the field.

Catering to devout members of the religion, the website needed to be organized, easy to use, and respectful of the symbolism and items showcased throughout the site.

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Special features of work provided

Undergoing a rebranding process, Talkerstein Consulting provided multiple options for Ofek to choose from. They did multiple variants that are symbolic, representative, and impactful for the brand.

Ultimately, the new website revolved on the chosen logo. In order to have a cohesive branding appeal, colors, fonts, and direction are spearheaded by the revamped logo and refreshed character.

“[You have] an amazing team at Loomo! Thanks so much for bending over backward for us.”

John Pals / VP, Marketing & Innovation

A new web experience

Characterized by sharp geometry and clean layout, the new website is a journey that allows the eyes of the readers to focus on the products more and not on the website. This strategy ultimately drives sales because of the product quality that is the selling point of the shop.

Having a clean layout allows the owner to place virtually any product on the shelf, while not disrupting the visual balance and ease of reading of would-be buyers.

Bringing it all together

Talkerstein Consulting also provided visualizers to the owner so that he can see the future of his brand with the rebranding that was done. Talkerstein Consulting treats each brand as an organism, capable of evolving and improving towards its better self through market studies and optimization.

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