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Yeshivas Veshachanti B’sochom is a specialized Yeshiva for Talmidim age 20+ (3rd year Beis Medrash and older) who are committed to growing in ruchniyus while advancing personally and professionally. Veshachanti needed a website upgrade in order to match the modern visual preference of its user group.

Brand new website

Project Overview - The problem

Veshachanti is unique in that it provides a flexible schedule based on the individual’s needs, ambition and learning level. Veshachanti puts a strong emphasis on personal growth and development and focuses on three main areas of life – connection to ‘ה through being a תורה Jew, family and career. The way Veshachanti operates is also unique in that the Talmid is in the driver’s seat in terms of his growth and accountability. Talkerstein Consulting was tasked to bring the school to new heights and to reach new students.


Client Name
Yeshiva’s Veshacanti
Financial services

Challenges encountered

Rebranding Veshachanti involved finding the right balance between integrity and freshness. As the target market are young men aged 20 up, the brand refresh needed to be relatable yet something that is respectful and professional.

The previous design centered on dark and gold tones and through user study performed by the researchers, it was determined that the color blue resonates more than black in terms of education towards the target user group.

Special features of work provided

Talkerstein Consulting provided Veshachanti a full array of visual designs to prove that the rebranding is beneficial for the organization. Refreshing the brand does not mean straying too far from the previous work, but it meant refocusing the fundamental design elements towards what really Veshachanti is. This involves addition of illustrations and pattern elements to aid the Jewish theme and to improve the visual consistency of the collaterals delivered.

Bringing it all together

Veshachanti is a good institution before Talkerstein Consulting collaborated with them on their vision. Through client and agency collaboration, the ‘good’ became ‘better’ objectively.

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