DevWigs, a custom wig maker previously operating on an appointment-only basis, expanded its business model by embracing eCommerce. This shift allowed them to offer new products like toppers and scrunchies. Our task was to create an exceptionally beautiful and unique website, uncommon in the wig industry, with the goal of increasing leads through AdWords and enhancing conversions. A key feature of this project was the integration of an appointment booking system that syncs with the customer’s calendar for ease of scheduling.

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About Us

Toronto based luxury wig producer. Website
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problem statement

DevWigs faced the challenge of defining a clear business direction and quantifying the potential success of their investment in digital expansion. The difficulty in committing to a particular path was overcome by creating a cohesive customer experience. The new website not only showcases their products beautifully but also educates visitors on how the business operates, thereby facilitating informed purchasing decisions.
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About Us

  1. Digital Expansion:
    Transitioned DevWigs from a purely appointment-based model to an eCommerce platform, broadening their market reach.

  2. Website Design and Development:
    Focused on creating a visually stunning website, breaking industry norms to stand out in the market.

  3. Lead Generation and Conversion:
    Implemented targeted AdWords campaigns to drive traffic and integrated a simple yet effective booking system to streamline customer appointments, enhancing the overall conversion rate.
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what is special about the website

Booking System: A user-friendly appointment booking system that syncs with customers’ calendars, simplifying the scheduling process.

Buy Now, Pay Later Option: This feature offers flexibility in payment, making it more convenient for customers to purchase.

Instagram Embed: Integration of Instagram on the website provides a dynamic display of their products and customer experiences, enhancing engagement and social proof.

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