The Problem

JRCC Rockford, led by the amazing Rabbi Neft, got a brand-new website! Rabbi Neft’s super busy bringing the community together and spreading joy through their “Do More Jewish” mission. The old site just wasn’t cutting it – it was half-done and not easy for Rabbi Neft to update. We jumped in to create a space online that’s as welcoming and vibrant as their community. Plus, we made sure it speaks both English and Russian, just like many folks in the JRCC family.

Rabbi Neft had his hands full and couldn’t give the old website the love it needed. It was like trying to bake a cake but forgetting half the ingredients. On top of that, there were some super strict IT rules we had to follow, making this baking project even trickier. But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge?

About Us

Religious Organization in Toronto.
Website www.jrccrockford.org

JRCC is here to build community functions, including programming for all ages and groups, Jewish education for children, teenagers, young adults, and adults alike, as well as synagogue services.

how the project was solved

Organizing multiple blocks of information starts with having a personal outlining format to the set of information first before distributing it to the corresponding categories.

Talkerstein consulting made sure to have proper allocations for all categories that the website accommodates, this included holidays, programs, events, and information links.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We crafted a website that’s all about the JRCC vibe – think of it as a digital mural that tells their story. With some tech magic (a.k.a. premium plugins), we got everything running smoothly and made sure it followed all those strict rules. Now, the site has cool features like a unique menu bar, and it even tells you Shabbat times and the Torah portion for the week. It’s like having your own digital guide to Jewish life!

image of website through platforms of jrcc

what is special about the website

The JRCC Rockford website isn’t just any website – it’s a masterpiece of design and functionality. The unique design language makes you feel right at home, and the embedded Shabbat times and Torah portion are like little bits of wisdom popping up when you need them. Plus, the website being available in Russian? It’s a big hug to everyone in the community, saying, “We got you, no matter what language you speak.”

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